Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teachers Helping Other Teachers

This video is all about integrating technology into the elementary classroom. Some teachers may struggle with this if they are not "tech savvy". Well this teacher is reaching out to you! She is sharing her own techniques and how she integrates technology into her own classroom. This can be a helpful video for teachers who are just beginning to use technology with their students. Watch this video and then search for other helpful videos.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Picture retrieved from Prezi homepage

Yesterday in class we learned about prezi. This is such a great way to create a presentation. Teachers may be thinking, "oh, this is great for my students to use!" But its not just for students! Teachers can use it too. When you use prezi, you just throw your thoughts onto the "drawing board". Once you have everything up there that you want to talk about with your students, you can organize them and connect them. Teachers can use this tool when they are teaching any subject, even P.E! As a physical education teacher, you can have the day's activities on prezi. This can be your outline for the class and a visual for the students. You can even insert pictures of what the children will be doing. This is an example of prezi presentation that a P.E. teacher could use.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creating Surveys Using Google Docs

Teachers are constantly tweaking and critiquing their lesson plans. Teachers are also meeting with one another and bouncing ideas off of each other. One easy way to do both of these is through surveys. Using Google Docs, you can easily create a survey for your students and fellow teachers. You can find out from your students what they liked and disliked about the lesson. You can also ask them how the lesson could  have better met their needs. Teachers can send similar surveys out to their coworkers. Another idea for a survey is to ask teachers how they use technology in their classrooms. Click here to see an example of a survey.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Integrating Technology Into The Classroom

For some teachers, integrating technology into their classroom can be difficult. If the teacher is unfamiliar with technology, then teaching it and using it will not be easy. There is a great website for teachers who are beginning to use technology in their classrooms. has online tools for teachers and students. It guides teachers in finding online lesson plans and helps them to create ready-to-use quizzes, rubrics, and classroom calendars. This website even has a blog! Great website for teachers :)

Picture taken from flikr by Michael @ NW Lens

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ed. Tech. & Design

Hi! My name is Laura. I'm taking Educational Technology and Design this semester! Woo-hoo!